The Tag Heuer Watch: Excellence and Performance

Edouard Heuer spent his life aspiring to the excellence and superb performance that are continually exhibited in TAG Heuer watches. The company began in 1860 in Switzerland with a vision of precision designs and quality unmatched by any competitor. The Heuer watch making company was brought within the sleek, sporty ranks of TAG (Techniques d’Avant Garde) in 1985.

TAG is known world wide for producing parts for Formula One race cars. TAG Heuer watches were redesigned with a sleeker, sportier image in mind. Now you can have the high-end sports car look in a watch. You can also take a very deep walk off of a short pier, and still be able to tell what time it is for 650 feet. Of course, by that point, knowing the time is the last thing on your mind.

Sports seemed to align itself with Heuer long before Techniques d’Avant Garde entered the picture. In 1916, the elegant watch company released, to the amazement of the world, a stopwatch that was accurate to 1/100th of a second. The legendary Steve Mc Queen wore a TAG Heuer watch in the film “Le Mans” in 1971. They played a part in the 1920 Olympic Games, and have served as the official time keepers for the Indy 500 until 2003. TAG Heuer put themselves on a much bigger map by becoming the first Swiss watch to orbit earth.

The Skinny on Who Wears the Shiny

The sleek designs and exceptional workmanship have attracted some big names to TAG Heuer watches. Spokeswoman film siren Uma Thurman was recently dubbed by TAG Heuer as the “par excellence” when it comes to women. She sets the standard, exuding the kind of grace and poise that attracted the watchmaker from the beginning.

Another fine example of Heuer’s commitment to excellence is Tiger Woods. As a championship golfer, he has become synonymous with incredible performance and ambition. On and off the course, he is a man of true class. Woods has been very involved with the designing of a new TAG Heuer watch, the first ever professional golf watch.

NASCAR multi-champ Jeff Gordon is another of Heuer’s hand-picked timepiece ambassadors. Gordon is a man who knows what he wants and goes for it, as his driving record clearly reflects. This is the same kind of spirit and attitude that has brought TAG Heuer is where it is today.