Styles of Watch Band Connecting Pins

Watch bands are those devices that attach to the wrist watch and secure the watch itself firmly to the wrist. A watch band can be made of various materials. These materials can include leather, metal, or a strong and durable cloth-like fabric.

A leather or durable fabric watch band is composed of two pieces with each of the bands being connected to the wristwatch via a pin. The other end of the leather watch band contains a buckle like feature that allows for the other end of the strap to be inserted and latched together by placing the pin into the pre-set hole.

A metallic-like watchband is generally comprised of linked units that move independently of each other. This separate movement allows for a more firm, but comfortable fit when the wrist is moved. The metallic watchband is also attached to the wrist watch through a metallic pin. These two pins hold each end of the watch band firmly to the wrist watch.

There are three separate ways that the attaching pin, that holds the watchband to the wrist watch, can be structured. Those three separate types of pins include the regular release, lever, and screw type.

The Regular Release

The regular release type pin that secures the watch band to the wristwatch is long enough to be inserted through the looped ends of the band. Each of the ends of the pins are designed to be inserted into the prefabricated holes that are part of the top and bottom portion of the casing of the wristwatch. Often the retracting of the pin can be accomplished by using a small jeweler’s screwdriver or other such apparatus.

The pin itself is hollow and inside a spring is inserted. When one end of the pin is pushed upon it retracts. This process then allows one end of the pin to be inserted into the prefabricated hole and the other hand of the pin retracted and moved into place near the opposite hole.

When over the hole the tension on the retracted side is released and this allows for the pin to be inserted into the opening. This process is then repeated to affix the other portion of the watch band to the other part of the casing. It is important to remember that the pin is spring loaded. Therefore, if the person inserting the pin is not careful, the pin can be forcefully launched.

The Lever

The second style of pin utilizes a lever system. This lever pin is located in the looped area of the watch band and is similar in operation as the regular release pin. However, this type of pin, rather than using a jeweler’s screwdriver or other such apparatus, has a lever mechanism.

Simply locate the lever and move the lever inwards towards the opposite end. This will retract the tension of the pin and allow for the easy removal of the end of the pin from the prefabricated hole.

As with the regular release pin, it is important to control the removing of the end of the pin from the casing. This type of pin is still under tension and if released, in an uncontrolled manner, the pin may be lost.

The Screw

The final type of pin that is available to secure the watch band to the watch casing is a screw type pin. This type of pin is not of the spring release variety, but is simply a small metal rod that is inserted in one end and fastened securely to the other end of the casing by using a small screw. Thus, the structure of a watch band may seem simple, but it is actually rather complicated in order to provide you with maximum comfort.

Swiss Watches: The Bold and the Beautiful

The Swiss are as famous for their watches as the Italians are for fashion houses, or the French are for art and decadence. Art is just what these timepieces are. Regardless of the brand, each Swiss watch is still masterpiece in its own right. Crafted with such precision and detail, they stay one step ahead of the competition by making perfection the standard to which the Swiss watch companies aspire. When your lowest bar is still shoulders above everyone else’s highest, you are always going to be on top. The Swiss have established a reputation for themselves as consistently being the leaders of the pack.

The watch and clock empire began less majestic than what it is today in geneva in the sixteenth century. At the time Calvinist were condemning the wearing of jewels. Faced with losing their businesses and livelihoods, jewelers and goldsmiths shifted their skills towards watches. The twentieth century saw a mass production of watches like never before. Watchmakers Frederic Ingold and Georges Lechot are credited as generals in charge of the revolution that changed how the Swiss watch was put together and functioned. Both production and profits soared.

The Who’s Who List

All that talk about fine workmanship and high standards aside, are one of these Swiss watches going to be the cat’s meow on your lovely wrist or not? A very emphatic yes. Not only are they “like butter” inside, your Swiss watch is just as gorgeous on the outside. It is only natural that the makers of the finest watches in the world would be behind some of the finest, and most well known brands in the world: Swiss Army, Movado, Rolex, Zenith, Tissot, Beluga, Swatch, Wenger, Omega, and Piaget.

You are obviously going to pay more than you would the $20.00 wonders you find in shopping mall novelty stores. What you get in return is a beautiful watch, and assurance that you have invested in something that will not break down in a few months. If something does happen, you are covered with a warranty. It is also about buying from the best. If you want an incredibly amazing suit or classy dress, your list would include Armani, Dolce & Gabbana, or Versace. This is because they are the best of the best in fashion. You should follow that same principle when shopping for a watch, because you deserve the very finest.

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Why Many People Would Prefer to Wear a Nike watch

For some people, wearing watches is not just about getting the time of the day, but also as a form of signature. For instance, those people who are into the chic fashion would like to wear one of those watches imbedded with precious stones, while those who are more in the rugged side of things would like to wear watches with leather or metallic straps.

The brand of the watch would also matter for most people. For others, the brand of the watch they are wearing is again a kind of signature for them, while others simply prefer certain types of watches because of their durability and functionality.

A lot of people all over the globe would prefer to wear Nike watches than that of the other brands. Athletes and those who love the outdoors are fond of wearing Nike watches. According to these types of people, Nike watches suit the outdoors very well.

Nike Watches for Men who Love Sports

Training watches are one of the best-loved Nike watches, especially by men who are into sports. The sleek style and functionality of these training watches suits men of all ages very well. If you are basketball coach, you can always use the Nike watch to keep track of the time while you are training your team. For athletes, the Nike training watches are very valuable companions, especially during their training. Every guy who is into sports should have of these Nike watches on his wrist.

Nike Watches for Women

Aside from the training watches, the sports watches for women are now becoming rather popular among women who love the outdoors. As women are now becoming just as competitive as men in the filed of sports, Nike designed sports watches that are feminine yet very functional.

For women who do not really want to wear one of those bulky watches that are often considered as having some manly designs, the sports watches for women are right for them. The good news about these Nike watches for women is that they have such simple yet elegant styles that never go out of fashion.

There is nothing pretentious about these Nike watch for women. You don’t have to fear that your watch will actually look old and outdated in a few months because these Nike watch are really designed to have that elegant look without overdoing itself.

The Components of a Luxury Watch

Many advertisements use the word “luxury” to describe the products that they are trying to sell. The word is used loosely in many of these advertisements, so the public might be confused without a proper understanding of the advertisers use of the term. Consumers should beware of the accuracy of the descriptions.

The buyer must beware because this luxury watch could be an extravagant, mechanical miracle and it could be a brilliant copy of this miracle. The timepiece that is accurately described as a luxury watch is made from some precious metals such as silver or gold. It is also an intricate machine that accurately keeps the time.

A designer of great artistry designed any timepiece that can be described accurately as a luxury watch. This designer has deftly shaped the case of the watch so that it is a beautiful accessory for the wardrobe of the proud owner. Switzerland is famous for the fine watches produced in that country.

The sophisticated skills required to manufacture a luxury watch have been handed down from one generation to the next in this European country. The industry requires the finest quality possible to maintain the reputation gained over many centuries. The watchmakers of Switzerland work to maintain their place of prominence.

Great Reasons for the Purchase of a Luxury Watch

To the colleagues who view the watch on the wrist of a coworker, the luxury watch reminds them of the success of friend or competitor. For a mother who receives a fine watch as a present, it is an expression of love. The mother who receives an extravagant watch from her spouse displays this gift with pride knowing that her duties as a mother are appreciated.

To the mother who received a luxury watch from one of her children, this gift is an expression of gratitude for her maternal efforts. A proud mother will be able to display this gift at a bridge club or social group to remind others of the wonderful children she has produced.

At first glance, a luxury watch may seem extravagant. All shoppers should remember, especially during the holiday season, a fine watch is a statement. A beautiful luxury watch is a statement of success, a fashion statement and an expression of love. For an executive on the trail of success, a luxury watch is a statement that the career is on a fast track.

What Makes a Guess Watch Popular?

Watches today are so much more than time informing devices. They help with setting a trend, being in fashion, and at times even life savers. There are a large variety of watches available for any and every occasion ,as well as for different types of occupations such as flying, diving, and running.

The World of Guess

Guess is relatively new on the market, as the Marcianos started their company in 1981, shortly after their arrival in US from France, their original country of origin. The Marcianos started small, by manufacturing jeans with and edge, which soon caught the eye of the fashion industry. Only three years later they started to diversify by adding Guess watches to their collection.

What Makes Guess Watches Different From the Rest

Guess watches are created with tomorrow’s trend in mind. There is a style available for everyone, be it bold, modern, classic, or retro. In the Guess watches collection you can find a large variety for both men and women, and also set pairs for couples who want to wear similar watches.

Guess watches offer sports watches for divers, pilots, and race drivers, but also other sports such as swimming and stop watches for running purposes. You will also find watches for formal wear with different types of jewels, daily wear with leather or metal straps, and animal print watches for those fashion divas who always want to live on the edge.

Besides the large variety, Guess watches are very reasonably priced, all the while not compromising the quality. Guess watch prices range anywhere from $65 upwards for both men and women, and their warranty is generally for a year from the date of purchase.

If you put the whole package that Guess watches have to offer you together, you will realize that you cannot get a better bargain. That is the reason why they are popular and in demand all over the world.

Helpful Tips

You can never have enough watches, especially with the great prices Guess carries. You can afford to have one for any occasion, and also offer them as gifts for family or close friends.

Always purchase Guess watches from an authorized dealer or a large department store such as Macy’s, Sears, or Neiman Marcus. Or, visit their official site and shop online. Guess watches will never let you or those who will get in as a present, down. It is so much more than a watch, it is a fashion statement.

Be Always in Style With the Affordable Fossil Watch

Watches have long become a necessity without which we simply cannot function, as most things run on a schedule or deadline. Watches are, therefore, a very important part of our daily routine for informing us of the accurate time, but also by keeping us fashionable with the latest styles.

There are many types of watches to choose from, as many designer brands each promise better deals than the other. However, how can you get the latest designs at affordable prices whenever you feel you need another watch? The only way possible is by buying Fossil watches.

What do Fossil Watches Have to Offer?

Fossil, an American Company, is relatively new, entering the market in 1984. By this time, other competition companies had already been in the industry for decades. Yet, Fossil managed to make a name for themselves in a short time by providing quality and style at the best possible prices on the market.

The starting price of a Fossil watch is $49.99, and they go up from there depending on the style. The style is what makes them by far the most affordable designer watches on the market today. Fossil offers you the latest fashion styles with designs coming out every spring and fall, so you always have something new to add to your collection. With their prices you can surely afford to buy couple of watches every year.

Fossil watches are retro, classic, sport and dressy. Whatever you have in mind you can find it in a Fossil. One of their best features is the box that they come in, which is a jewel in itself, as it can be used for many different purposes.

Another great feature of the Fossil watches is the fact that their straps are self adjustable. The straps have clasp links which you can remove yourself in order to fit the watch to your wrist without going to the jeweler and paying extra there as well.

Fossil Watches for You and Everyone in the Family

Because Fossil watches are so diverse, from classic to sporty and retro to formal, you can find one no matter what your age. In fact, they have a whole range dedicated to teenagers with flowers and different types of characters that they find attractive and in style.

Fossil watches make great presents too for any occasion, birthday, anniversary or a just- because-you-love-someone gift. They are not expensive, but they have the right impact, and will be used with great pleasure for the longest possible time. Buy a Fossil watch with confidence, and you will find yourself coming back for another peek at what is new this season in the Fossil store.

The People’s Choice: Citizen Watch

The name of the Citizen company, and therefore the watches created by it, was picked because its founders wanted the people feel close to their watch. Since 1924, Citizen has created models that are in fashion per the requirements of society. Let us look together at some of the Citizen watch firsts.

The Achievements of the Citizen Watch

Citizen is proud to be the first world manufacturer of the voice recognition watch, the world’s slimmest LCD watch, as well as the world’s first professional dive watch with specially designed electronic depth sensors. The list of firsts does not stop here, as Citizen created the first environmentally friendly watch series. The Eco Drive models have batteries that never need changing, as they charge from any available source of light natural or artificial.

Other Citizen watches made for professionals are the Sky Hawk and Night Hawk series, which provide flying information for flying personnel. The Sailhawk series assists sailors when on the high seas, and the Professional Diver assists divers in their underwater expeditions.

A Citizen Watch for Every Occasion

There is a Citizen watch for practicing sports, for flying, diving, formal evenings, and for everyday use as well. It is their versatility that makes them so popular. The designs provided by Citizen watches are varied enough to match and suit every taste, style and personality, as well as every budget.

Assurance of Quality and Reliability

All Citizen watches come with a five year warranty for the U.S. and a variable one for international users (but not less than one year). Citizen has authorized dealers all over the globe, and it is recommended you only use one of them when you need any repairs, battery replacements where needed and/or other type of assistance.

Citizen products are made to last a lifetime. Therefore, you may find yourself buying another Citizen watch not because you need or want to replace the old one, but because you find the new models simply irresistible at prices you cannot afford to pass. No wonder professionals in the sports industry as well as celebrities often choose the Citizen watch as their reliable partner in their performances.

Citizen watches have proved to be every bit like the founders meant them to be. There is one for every occasion with the design and quality of a designer watch, yet they are at a price easily affordable by everyone.

Points to Consider When Shopping for a Wrist Watch

Watches were first worn on a chain around the neck by ladies, and were stored in the waistband or the seam of the dress. The gentlemen would store the watch in the waistcoat pocket. The ladies had more choices back then, as they could wear the watches as brooches or rings as well.

Watches Today

Today the most common way to wear a watch is on the wrist. It is easy, accessible, and can display the time most effectively. However, wrist watches have come a long way since they first appeared, and today a watch means so much more than just being a time informing device.

There are wrist watches for every occasion, and because they are available in a large variety at affordable prices, most of us will have a few of them to match our every need. Here are some occasions for which most of us will have a designated wrist watch: a watch for everyday use (keeping in mind our occupation), another for formal wear, and a sports watch for when you go to the gym or practice other sports such as swimming.

Shopping For a Wrist Watch

Because the selection is so large, you must first of all know for what occasion you are purchasing the watch, and then designate the budget you have for it, which will narrow down the selection. It is very important to shop around before you make a choice, especially if you are planning to purchase an expensive brand watch.

There are many designer brands that make exquisite wrist watches, some of which are jewelry pieces in themselves. When you are looking to purchase such a watch, you must take into consideration the quality of the jewels and not the main function of the watch, for it will not be bought entirely for that purpose.

Helpful Tip.

Inexpensive wrist watches are usually purchased for everyday, sports, or other rough usage you have in mind like hiking, camping and so on. If they break down on you it will not be a great loss and you can easily replace it with another.

Known brands will always bring you assurance with great guarantees and always a Swiss movement because they are the best. Therefore, it is not the mechanism you should worry about, but if the brand and the price you are about to pay is what you are looking for.

The Tissot Watch Really Gets Around

As is the case with many of the finer timepieces in the world, the Tissot watch was birthed in beautiful Switzerland. Founded in 1853, this is one watch company with more the a few firsts. Tissot is very distinctive as being the first to use plastic, wood, and stone to create their works of art.

First released to the public in 1985, The “Rock watch” is made from millennia old Swiss granite. No two watches are the same; the buyer is truly getting a one-of-a-kind treasure. Tissot watch faces of coral, bassalt, mother of pearl, and shell rock later surfaced. They were also pioneers with having the first magnetic watch in 1930.

One of the newest ways of innovation for the Tissot watch is the “T-touch” technology. These simply amazing watches hold a compass, a barometer, an altimeter, a thermometer, and even internet access. You do everything with just a touch of your finger. Remember those lamps that came on, changed brightness and shut off simply by touching the base? That was T-touch, and Tissot found a way to put it on the face of a watch.

The Hullabaloo About Tissot Watches

A proud member of the Swatch group since 1985, Tissot strives to imbue their products with the same qualities on which the company was originally founded. Great performance, precision, and ambition are also traits found in the best athletes. So it seems only natural that Tissot would be associated with the sports and adventure world. In 2003, they became the official timekeepers for NASCAR, replacing TAG Heuer.

They are also the official timekeepers for Grand Prix motorcycle racing. Cycling, ice hockey, and fencing have all called upon Tissot for the same reason. English soccer legend-in-the-making Michael Owen is a spokesperson for the company. Hollywood is as much a fan of the Tissot watch as professional sports. Angelina Jolie sported their timepieces in two of her blockbusters, “Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life” and “Mr. and Mrs. Smith.”

Another way Tissot has set itself apart is their parts and repair service that is offered for an astounding ten years on all watches. Whether you are a NASCAR enthusiast waiting to get your grubs on one of Tissot’s official watches for the sport, looking for a stylish chronograph, or just want a nice watch, you can find what you need and get an exceptional value from a century old company trusted by more than 150 countries.