What Makes the Pocket Watch Eternally Stylish

Pocket watches were once the only way gentlemen would be able to carry a watch. They have become a rarity today, as everyone prefers to wear it on the wrist or not wear one at all and use a mobile phone in order to get informed of the correct time. However, there are many avid watch collectors whose collection would not be complete without at least one pocket watch.

The Different Types of Pocket Watches

Most pocket watches are classified by the maker, design, precious metal, and gems used in it, and also by its functions and movement. The fussee watch, or the key wind pocket watch, is the most sought after by collectors, because they are believed to have been invented by none other than Leonardo Da Vinci. The American Railroad pocket watch is next on the list, as it was used for obvious purposes and was believed to be highly accurate in order to avoid any accidents.

The next on the list is the marine chronometer pocket watch, followed by the Hunter Case pocket watch, which are in demand because they have a protective cover for the face of the watch to save it from scratches. The multi-jewel pocket watch is mainly desired for its beauty as well as its rarity, as it was introduced in the 1800s by very few famous designers such as Omega or Cartier.

Taking Care of Your Pocket Watch

It is very important to take the right care of a rare and expensive pocket watch. In order to take care of your watch correctly, you need to learn what material it is made of and if it has any gemstones. Precious materials as well as the gemstones need to be cleaned regularly, therefore it will cost you a trip to the jewelers at least once a year.

All watches need servicing of its mechanism, and therefore a trip to the watch makers as indicated at the time of purchase. Or, if it was mentioned, you can always service the watch when you take it in for cleaning and polishing of the outside material.

There are many more pocket watches to look for and strive to add to your collection. It all depends on how much time and money you are willing to invest in this hobby, as most of them are hard to find and extremely expensive.