What Makes a Guess Watch Popular?

Watches today are so much more than time informing devices. They help with setting a trend, being in fashion, and at times even life savers. There are a large variety of watches available for any and every occasion ,as well as for different types of occupations such as flying, diving, and running.

The World of Guess

Guess is relatively new on the market, as the Marcianos started their company in 1981, shortly after their arrival in US from France, their original country of origin. The Marcianos started small, by manufacturing jeans with and edge, which soon caught the eye of the fashion industry. Only three years later they started to diversify by adding Guess watches to their collection.

What Makes Guess Watches Different From the Rest

Guess watches are created with tomorrow’s trend in mind. There is a style available for everyone, be it bold, modern, classic, or retro. In the Guess watches collection you can find a large variety for both men and women, and also set pairs for couples who want to wear similar watches.

Guess watches offer sports watches for divers, pilots, and race drivers, but also other sports such as swimming and stop watches for running purposes. You will also find watches for formal wear with different types of jewels, daily wear with leather or metal straps, and animal print watches for those fashion divas who always want to live on the edge.

Besides the large variety, Guess watches are very reasonably priced, all the while not compromising the quality. Guess watch prices range anywhere from $65 upwards for both men and women, and their warranty is generally for a year from the date of purchase.

If you put the whole package that Guess watches have to offer you together, you will realize that you cannot get a better bargain. That is the reason why they are popular and in demand all over the world.

Helpful Tips

You can never have enough watches, especially with the great prices Guess carries. You can afford to have one for any occasion, and also offer them as gifts for family or close friends.

Always purchase Guess watches from an authorized dealer or a large department store such as Macy’s, Sears, or Neiman Marcus. Or, visit their official site and shop online. Guess watches will never let you or those who will get in as a present, down. It is so much more than a watch, it is a fashion statement.