What Kind of Watch Battery Do You Need?

They are little and some of them look like pennies, but no, they are not pennies. They are the heart of you dear watch. You may have paid several hundred dollars for that shiny thing on your wrist, but without that five dollar watch battery, all you have is an oddly shaped paper weight.

It is always the little things that end up meaning so much, like a diamond, a broken toe, or Napoleon Bonaparte. While there are some watches made that run off automatic movement or by winding, the majority of watches are now quartz or analog and battery powered.

Fingers no longer had a reason to be sore from trying to wind the teeny-tiny dial when Energizer introduced the first watch battery in 1957. The watch industry was ready for such an invention too; companies worked hard to meet the new demand created by this small round disc. So you might want to thank that pink bunny the next time you glance down at your digital watch, or turn on your personal digital assistant.

Cute as a Button

Watch batteries are also known as button cells, for their similar appearance to, well, buttons. With a voltage between one and three volts, these little guys do pack a punch, enough at least to keep your watch ticking away for a while. How do you know what battery your watch needs? Perform some surgery. In other words, you have to open it up and see for yourself. You can also ask the sales associate or customer service representative before making your purchase.

The watch battery does have more uses than just for timepieces. They are used in calculators, hearing aids, some vehicle remote control devices, small personal digital assistants (PDAs), some electronic toys, small LED lights, battery-powered children’s books, and laser pointers for teachers and Star Wars fans. Although regular watch batteries are not rechargeable, there are some small button cells that can be charged again after use. However, these do not seem to perform as well as normal cells.

So many uses have since been thought of for the watch battery since its introduction. The newer, more sophisticated watches have made use of that lithium device in so many ways. You can time yourself doing something completely ridiculous, and set the alarm to remind yourself to call in the pizza order. That eerie green light sure has come in handy.