The Uniqueness of the Tag Watch

It is often been said that imitation is the highest form of flattery. This is often proved true as young men and women try to emulate those individuals, who they idolize, that maybe in the entertainment business or are considered sport stars. For example, when the Beatles were popular many of the young men would imitate their hairstyle or their unique way of dress.

This imitation is also seen in the manufacturing world. This occurs when a product becomes very popular or is associated with being a product that is considered luxurious. Such an example would include clothes that have a designer’s label affixed to them.

Often, unscrupulous individuals will manufacture that same product and try to dupe their customers by putting a fake designer’s label on that piece of clothing. Another example of imitating success is in the area of expensive watches. Such a watch that is often imitated, but never matched for performance is the Tag watch.


The history of the Tag watch began with the founder whose name was Edouard Heuer. He founded the Tag Heuer watch company in 1860. His vision was to provide precision timepieces.

Originally, Heuer’s zeal was directed in manufacturing timepieces that would be used in sports where timekeeping was critical. This commitment of Tag watch is evident even today as they are the official timepieces of such sports as Formula 1 racing, snow skiing and sail boating.

The company has always endeavored to improve their product and their accomplishments were always cutting edge at each particular point in time. Eventually, because of their continual improvements and implementation of improved processes they eventually became known as the “avant-garde of watch making.”


There are many special developments associated with the Tag watch. One of those incredible accomplishments was to be the first watch making company, in 1916, to allow for the time measurement, of their timepieces, down to hundredths of a second.


The quality of a Tag watch is not only reflected by its accuracy in keeping time but the way it is constructed. The Tag watch is constructed from the finest of materials which includes stainless steel. The Tag watch also has a very easy to read face.

In addition the face of the timepiece is protected by shock proof glass that is about 1 cm thick. Also, the band, depending upon choice, is constructed and designed to be very durable.

In addition, to constantly improving their time keeping pieces, the Tag watch company has acquired many patents that reflect their constant devotion and commitment to improving their particular product and time keeping in general. The Tag watch is considered to be not only a reliable watch, but is associated with being a luxurious item in the world of timepieces.