The People’s Choice: Citizen Watch

The name of the Citizen company, and therefore the watches created by it, was picked because its founders wanted the people feel close to their watch. Since 1924, Citizen has created models that are in fashion per the requirements of society. Let us look together at some of the Citizen watch firsts.

The Achievements of the Citizen Watch

Citizen is proud to be the first world manufacturer of the voice recognition watch, the world’s slimmest LCD watch, as well as the world’s first professional dive watch with specially designed electronic depth sensors. The list of firsts does not stop here, as Citizen created the first environmentally friendly watch series. The Eco Drive models have batteries that never need changing, as they charge from any available source of light natural or artificial.

Other Citizen watches made for professionals are the Sky Hawk and Night Hawk series, which provide flying information for flying personnel. The Sailhawk series assists sailors when on the high seas, and the Professional Diver assists divers in their underwater expeditions.

A Citizen Watch for Every Occasion

There is a Citizen watch for practicing sports, for flying, diving, formal evenings, and for everyday use as well. It is their versatility that makes them so popular. The designs provided by Citizen watches are varied enough to match and suit every taste, style and personality, as well as every budget.

Assurance of Quality and Reliability

All Citizen watches come with a five year warranty for the U.S. and a variable one for international users (but not less than one year). Citizen has authorized dealers all over the globe, and it is recommended you only use one of them when you need any repairs, battery replacements where needed and/or other type of assistance.

Citizen products are made to last a lifetime. Therefore, you may find yourself buying another Citizen watch not because you need or want to replace the old one, but because you find the new models simply irresistible at prices you cannot afford to pass. No wonder professionals in the sports industry as well as celebrities often choose the Citizen watch as their reliable partner in their performances.

Citizen watches have proved to be every bit like the founders meant them to be. There is one for every occasion with the design and quality of a designer watch, yet they are at a price easily affordable by everyone.