The Oris Watch: Truly Remarkable

As with any truly great watch, this innovative watch manufacturer began in 1904 in Switzerland. The company was founded by Paul Cattin and Georges Christian. By 1925, they had opened their own electroplating factory. The Oris watch was definitely gaining in notoriety. In 1938, the now legendary pointer calendar watch went into production. So popular was this particular Oris watch style, it is still featured in catalogs and the internet today.
By 1950, Cattin and Christian had built a solid reputation for good quality alarm clocks. The company brandished a clock that needed to be wound every eight days. Many of these Oris alarm clocks are still in use today. Cattin and Christian focused on practicality and reliability.

Oris watches are among the few that operate on mechanical rather than quartz movement. In 1988, the first mechanical alarm wrist watch was introduced in limited edition. Oris also knows a thing or two about style. To commemorate their ninetieth anniversary, Oris released a watch like no other, with ninety watches made of 18-carat rose gold, each one individually numbered.

Let’s All Go to the Movies, and Maybe a Concert

Oris is famous for more than the great workings of their watches and clocks. The stars are wearing these classically beautiful Oris watches in movies, and looking even better for it:
Harrison Ford in “Random Hearts,” Tommy Lee Jones in “Batman Forever,” Keanu Reeves in “Constantine,” Nicolas Cage in “Eight Millimeter,” Matthew McConaughey in “A Time To Kill,” Julianne Moore in “Magnolia,” Meg Ryan in “Kate and Leopold,” and Gwyneth Paltrow in “Bounce” are just some of the many examples.

Movie stars are not the only famous figures who love Oris watches. Some of music’s greatest performers have inspired a line of Jazz-themed watches. Frank Sinatra, Louis Armstrong, Miles Davis, Charlie Parker, Duke Ellington, Lionel Hampton, McCoy Tynor, and John McLaughlin have all made extraordinary contributions to music. Now, they are honored with signature designs in the Limited Edition Oris Jazz Series.

You are getting truly the best in quality, craftsmanship, and beauty that you can find in a watch. You also have the reputation and guarantee from a company that has been around for more than a century. You could not make a better investment in a time tested, world loved product. Oris watches are head and shoulders above the rest of the competition in the market.