The One of a Kind Nixon Watch

Civilizations have always had a fascination with time. This measurement of time has been captured through the use of many devices. The beginnings of mankind’s attempts to measure time began with the sundial, moving to hour glasses and leading up to clocks powered by springs. As the time pieces evolved, so did the way that they were powered. Those various ways included battery powered, kinetic and radio controlled watches.

Eventually, time pieces took on different forms and were equipped with different accessories. Some of those accessories were the cuckoo clock and an alarm clock. At the turn of the 20th century the first wrist watches appeared, and today those wrist watches have not only become very practical and stylish, but some are multi-functional. One such brand of wrist watch that combines uniqueness, style and flair is the Nixon watch.


The uniqueness of the Nixon watch is not only in their eye catching designs and styles of their product, but even in their marketing motto. The company, since their inception, has focused on those individuals who give 100% whether they are playing, or are working.

The Nixon watch company’s commitment is to produce a quality product that is not only made from the finest of materials. It should also capture the uniqueness of the individual who purchases their wrist watch.

In fact, their commitment to their customers is that the Nixon watch, which is worn on the wrist, will be as unique as the wearer of the watch wants it to be. In addition, the watch becomes more than a time piece, but will be the topic of conversation whenever the watch is worn.

Styles of Nixon Watch Bands and Faces

Nixon watches are also known for their watch bands. These watch bands range from a customized strap that is made from polyurethane and is custom-injected to a stylish band that is metallic in nature to a customized hand sewn leather band.

The faces of the Nixon watch are as equally unique. The vibrant colors of the face of the watch are not traditional. These colors range from red to blue to grey to white and green. In addition, there are the traditional analog time pieces as well as wrist watches that are digital.


Those that purchase a Nixon watch are generally as unique as the timepiece itself. Some of those customers include individuals who represent cutting edge sports. Those radical sports include skateboarders, surfers, those that snowboard and rock and roll stars. Thus, there is a watch for every kind of person.