The Invincible Invicta Watch

Invicta means “invincible” in Latin, and that is what the Invicta watches have proved to be since they were first handcrafted in 1837 by the founder of the company, Raphael Picard from Switzerland. We all are well aware that the Swiss movement is one of the best in the world, and that most quality brand watches will ensure they adopt it in order to create timepieces, and not just time-informing devices.

Invicta Watches Today

Invicta watches today are known worldwide because of their bold models that have covered almost every field. These include diving watches, flying pilot watches, as well as sea masters to help guide sailors and sea lovers. Invicta watches are reasonably priced, yet offer the highest standards and performance at all times.

While known for their reasonable prices and incredible quality, Invicta has created jewelry pieces as well. They designed the 37-carat Pave Lupah, which has 4,600 full-cut diamonds. The Gold Dragon Lupah Automatic is made of solid 18K gold, and would leave any jeweler speechless.

If you are a collector, there is something for you too here at the Invicta watch series collection. The Vintage 1948 Collection and Object d’Art watches are worth enough to be placed in a show cases, never to be worn, but displayed for everyone to admire. They are classic and elegant, but with a fleur of the future.

Where to ShopfFor Your Invicta Watch

In order to ensure you are purchasing a genuine Invicta watch, always try and locate an authorized dealer from whom you can obtain a certificate of origin for your watch, as well as the company’s warranty. You can also shop online for Invicta watches, but again ensure that you are on their official site to ensure you are not purchasing a fake.

Helpful Tips

If you have brought a collect’s Invicta watch, insure your watch as soon as possible to be covered in case of any accidents, thefts, or breakage. Also, it is important you service your watch periodically or as indicated, if it is a collector’s piece or not, in order to ensure that your watch will run well for the longest period of time.

Invicta watches has something for everyone, no matter of your age or occupation. Whether you are dressing up or having a day at the gym, you will find what you are looking for in the collection of Invicta.