The Great Name Brand Watch Hunt

Perhaps you are looking for a gift for the holidays. Your loved one is wonderful, kind, and the hardest person to shop for. Their pickiness brings back memories of the “Friends” episode where it is discovered that Rachel returns every gift she is given. A feud ensues when Ross says she is callous and void of sentimental feelings.

You want to give them something beautiful, something of fine quality, something that he or she will actually like and use. No one wants to be the “storage room” present. There are many classy name brand watches on the market. They are all shiny and dazzling, but which is the best choice for your hard-to-buy-for recipient?

The Big Brands

The Swiss Army collection is the cherry on top of the name brand watch sundae. They aren’t just for the MacGyver wannabes either; you can choose from a stainless steel or leather band. The dials are made with sapphire crystal or mother-of-pearl, and some are even adorned with diamonds. From classic styles for the professional man or woman to the chronographs and adventure minded, you can find something for everyone.

TAG Heuer combines the delicate precision of Swiss movement with the sexiness of speed to create a line of very high end name brand sports watches. There are more subtle designs available, like the one shown in ads featuring Uma Thurman. TAG is also working closely with golf superstar Tiger Woods to design the first-ever golf watch.

Tissot was recently chosen as the official timekeeper for NASCAR, and is busy creating a line of watches for the sport. This is a must-get for any racing enthusiast. Looking for something less sporty and more mind blowing? Check out their “T-touch” watches and be ready to be amazed.

Croton offers a beautiful gift idea without the “name brand watch” price that tends to make you a bit squeamish. Based in New Jersey since it began in 1878, this family owned company has some of the classiest works of art on the market.

There are a few factors to think about when looking for a name brand watch. Do you desire any specific features? Some watches come with alarms, timers, and are water resistant to certain depths. Do you want all of these extra little trimmings? What kind of strap do you want? Leather, rubber, or stainless steel? What is your price range? This is something very important to have in mind before you begin your treasure hunt. If quality and craftsmanship are at the top of your list, you have an array of fine watchmakers to choose from.