The Croton Watch: An American Beauty

As the United States of America was slowly getting to her feet, so was the Croton Watch Company. Founded in 1871, and still sticking to its home-grown roots in present day New Jersey, the family-owned business set out to create a beautiful product and a new set of standards in watch making. Excellent quality, fine precision, exceptional style, and value are all traits that the Croton Watch Company has been aspiring to since its inception.

From the simple quartz movement pieces to the more sophisticated chronograph works of art, Croton still offers a variety of products with unbelievable service and craftsmanship. You do not have to shell out several hundred dollars to own a quality Croton watch. These beauties are available in many different price brackets.

You Can Take This Watch Anywhere

Among the many reasons to choose a Croton watch, you can find something for every occasion and for every person. Need something ultra shiny and fancy? From the Gala Collection comes a watch to put a few stars in your eyes: 48 diamonds, 14-carat gold, mother of pearl dial, and Swiss movement.

For men, shift your eyes away from the glare and over to the Elite Collection. An impressive 18-carat solid gold timepiece and diamond markers will impress even the stuffiest suit at the business dinner. For a completely dazzling look, 200 tiny diamonds cover the face of this illustrious Croton watch from the Gala Collection. An add bonus is that it is water-resistant up to depths of 100 feet. That is good news if you own a swimming pool.

Men will also love the more subtle and classic designs in the Tropics Collection. Perhaps you are not so Ava Gabor, and more of a Debbie Reynolds or Lara Croft. Something from the Olympic Collection for you is then a good choice. To satisfy the Debbie in you, and also keep Ava sublimely content, Croton’s Vogue Collection is understated beauty in watch form.

In case you need someplace special to keep your Croton watch, collector boxes are available. A unique gift item is the watch winder. Since automatic movements are continually energized by the movements of the wrist, your watch can slow down while laying unworn on the dresser or night stand. The watch winder keeps the watch ready for you to slip on when you are ready.
Beauty, quality, and value: that is what a Croton watch is.