The pleasures of a Swiss luxury watch

A Swiss luxury watch take pleasure in the reputation for quality and excellence in manufacturing from Switzerland .

The watch manufacturers legal requirements of a luxury watch includes at least 50% of the watch part must be made from Switzerland and the assemblage and final testing of the mechanism should be at Switzerland, in order for it to be marked as Swiss Made .

The Swiss luxury watch industry is very keen in protecting the ‘Swiss made’ stamp to ensure the reputation is maintained .

The spirit of high standards, and creativity in watch-making creation started way back 1800′ where majority of the Swiss luxury watches originated.

A big part from the long line of names of watch manufacturers were successors of their respective founding families, and are connected with Nobles and Kings that gives them the access to the rich and famous during those times .

While some of the Swiss Luxury Watch makers started from the profession as specialists of aircraft and space controls joined together to create watches . To this date it captured the rapidly-growing marketplace who admires its tailored appearance for men, women, military and professionals .

The cultural heritage of Switzerland and the subtle blend of standard approach the watch-making traditions and artistic context has an effect over the kinds of Swiss Luxury Watch.

Swiss luxury watch has its own specific purpose in accordance with its origin . Swiss luxury watch has become a part of the fashion statement, once its fame secured the path to the general public.

The category of a Swiss luxury watch covers a wide range of style, and they make a strong statement on the wrist of the wearer .

Water resistant Swiss luxury watch debates relating the watch as water resistant or the watch being water-proof, aside from the face, case material, the size, bracelet or strap.

Designs that are designed simply, thin, and not oversized by the wrist are Swiss luxury watches for dresses. They are not designed to make a bold statement but rather complement the clothes that you wear .