A Timepiece for Professionals: The Breitling Watch

Watches have long become an important part of our daily routine because we have to be on time at work, send the kids to school, make it to a doctor’s appointment, or make an important call at an exact hour. Whatever your profession is, a watch to monitor the time is important.

Some live of professionals depend on a watch. For example, in diving if your watch miscalculates and you run out of oxygen, you can easily die. There are many other professions that depend heavily on watch precision, and one of them is flying, for which most of the Breitling watches were dedicated.

A Brief History of Breitling Watches

It was in 1884 St-Imeir, Switzerland, that Leon Breitling opened his first store. There, he specialized in chronographs for the usage of professionals and scientists. The company grew and he took the headquarters to Paris. He also got his son Gaston involved in the business. Gaston took over the company after his father’s death in 1914.

In 1923, the first Breitling watch with an independent chronograph push piece was introduced on the market. In 1942 the company boasted of clientele such as the American Armed Forces, and also introduced another first in the industry: the Chronomat Breitling watch, which was the first chronograph that displayed with a circular side rule.

In 1962, the astronaut Scott Carpenter wore the ‘Cosmonaute’ Breitling watch on his wrist during his journey aboard the space shuttle Aurora 7. In 1979, Earnest Schneider bought the Breitling watch company after it being a family company for three generations.

Breitling continued to make amazing timepieces. The Chronomat made a comeback in 1984, and had unique features such as the rider tabs bezel, which was developed with the cooperation of the Frecce Tricolori, and made this series the best selling model.

Breitling Watches Today

Still a leader in the industry, Breitling watches continue to surprise the industry with new inventions that are designed for professionals in the aviation department. Watch collectors from all over the world make Breitling early models as well as new models a must-have in their collections.

A Breitling watch is an investment that will be passed on as heirloom, and not just as a watch that you will benefit from for a limited amount of time. They are made with care and professionalism, so you and those that trust the Breitling name can rely on its functions and accuracy at all times.