A Timeless Jewel: The Cartier Watch

In today’s hectic world, where almost everything is run by a deadline, a watch is a necessity. There are a large variety to choose from, by designer brands, price, style, and personality.

Most of us have a few watches in our collection because most of them are reasonably priced, and also because different occasions call for it. However, there are watch enthusiasts who don’t just buy watches, but collect them, and for those of us the Cartier watch has been created.

A Brief History of Cartier

Louis-Francios Cartier was the founder of Cartier, who took over the jewelry workshop in Paris, France in 1847, when his master, Adolphe Picard passed away. In 1904, his son Alfred Cartier, and the famous watchmaker Edmond Jaeger, put their minds together to make the first Cartier watch to be used by Santos-Dumont while flying his planes.

For more than 150 years the prestigious name of Cartier has been associated with only what is known to be the best of quality and performance. Cartier only uses the highest graded jewelry and only the most precise watch movements in their watches in order to offer timeless pieces of jewelry in every Cartier watch.

More Than a Watch

Cartier watches are designed with elegance and sophistication in mind to offer something more than a watch. These watches are heirlooms, which will be passed on for generations to come. The Cartier watch styles are from modern, to classic and retro, but always sharp and distinct.

You can find an everyday watch at Cartier’s, with roman numerals, an alligator strap, and, as the company’s trademark on all watches, the sapphire gem on the adjusting knob. All Cartier watches have sapphire crystal faces to protect them from being scratched.

You will also find at Cartier’s precious metal strap watches with gold and/or platinum. However, if you are looking for a true piece of jewelry you need to take a look at the limited edition of Cartier D’art models, where some of the watches are partially or entirely covered with diamonds and the signature design of Cartier, the panther.

Where to Purchase a Cartier Watch

All Cartier products come with a certificate of origin and warranty that is honored all over the world where they have an authorized dealer. It is very important to purchase your Cartier watch only from an authorized dealer, as there are many fakes out there which can easily fool an amateur eye.