A Jewelry Watch for More than Just Time

Watches have become so much more than just time information devices, as they accompany us almost everywhere we go and at times run our lives as well. Most of us own at least couple of watches first because they are affordable (some start as low as $10) and second because there are so many different occasions which demand a suitable watch to match.

Why Invest in a Jewelry Watch?

Men’s only consistent piece of jewelry is the watch, and it is more than reasonable that they would invest in different types to match every occasion. This is similar to what women do with jewelry.

Many occasions call for a jewelry watch, such as a wedding, anniversary, or a formal dinner. A jewelry watch does not have to be made of a precious gem, though I am sure most women would not object to that. The jewelry can and is in most cases very subtle and elegant. For example, there are designer jewelry watches for men such as Rolex, that uses full cut, high-grade diamonds on the dial in the place of the numerals.

There are, of course, many jewelry watches available that are fully covered with gemstones. The strap can be made out of precious metals such as gold or platinum. Those are pieces that are hardly used for their main purpose of keeping track of the time. Mostly, these are used just as another piece of jewelry in itself.

The reason you should invest in a jewelry watch, is that it is a piece of jewelry first and foremost. Therefore, it does not lose its value on the market but, if anything, becomes more valuable with time.

Maintaining Your Jewelry Watch

It is very important you insure your jewelry watch as soon as you purchase it for any eventuality. Depending on the designer brand of the watch, you must follow strict service directions provided, and only take it for servicing to an authorized dealer of the brand or the same store if possible.

Having actual gemstones on and in your watch requires care, especially if they are on the outside of the watch. This includes the knowledge of how resistant the gem stones are (their hardness factor), as this information will restrict your activity with watch considerably.
For example, a diamond has the highest hardness on the Moh’s scale (a full 10 out of 10) and only another diamond can scratch it. However, an emerald is brittle, and if you hit it you may cause internal fractures of the stone.

Cleaning the gemstones is yet another maintenance that must be done on regular basis to keep your watch sparkling as it should always be. After all it is a jewelry watch, and it must show its beauty with every change.