A Guide to the Casio Watch

Watches are always in demand because they run our lives. Most of us choose to not only have several watches in order to match our personality and different occasions, but also to invest in valuable timepieces on which we can rely, such as the Casio watch.

How Did the Casio Watch Come Into Existence?

The Casio Company, with its headquarters in Japan, was well-established in the calculator industry when they decided to manufacture watches in 1974. The first Casio watch to be introduced on the market was the Casiotron electronic wristwatch. This watch was a big success because it had unique features, such as the ability to display hours, minutes and seconds. This watch also had the ability to determine a leap year when displaying the date, month and year.

Casio never looked back after that, and began producing many other novelties for the watch industry such as the first clock calculator. In 1983, the first shock-proof Casio watch was designed with G-Shock technology, which became an instant worldwide hit. The very next year, the Casio watch that could store and recall telephone numbers was introduced, and needless to say, it was yet again a huge success.

In 1989, the BM-100WJ Casio watch was introduced with the unique weather prediction sensors. In 1999, the Satellite NAVI was released, which was the world’s first watch with GPS that could be used for many outdoor activities such as hiking, fishing, and so on. The next year the Casio watch with digital camera was introduced and was received with great success and enthusiasm from the gadget lovers.

Casio Watches Today

Always buy Casio products from an authorized dealer to ensure authenticity. Additionally, always ask for a certificate of origin and the warranty from the company with the dealer stamp on it.

It is very clear from Casio’s history that the company does not like to create ordinary timepieces but intelligent, one of a kind watches that stand out. These features will get you to not only enjoy your Casio watch, but use it in all your activities.

Investing in a Casio watch will bring you the latest technology with a highly sophisticated gadget that will attract the attention of most gadget lovers. Casio watches are handy and are made to help and assist you in most of your activities. Thus, it is true that a watch can really be a part of your every activity, whatever that activity may be.