What Makes a Seiko Watch Stand out From the Rest

There are a large variety of watches available today, and equally as many designer brands, with styles to suit every pocket and match each personality. Due to the fact that you can find a watch at as low as $10, most of us have at least a couple for different occasions such as work, the gym, or formal wear.

However, every so often we are attracted to a watch not because it tells the time but because it stands outs from the rest. This is true with Seiko watches, and let us explore together why.

How and When it All Started

In 1881, Kintaro Hattori established K.Hattori & Co. Ltd. Japan, which would later become Seiko Corporation. They started by manufacturing clocks first, then alarm clocks, and then table clocks, only to be followed by the first wrist watch in 1913. However, it was not until 1924 that the Seiko brand was used on a watch.

In 1955, the first self-winding Seiko watch was introduced, followed by quartz clocks, which served for broadcasting purposes and transistorized table clocks. By 1964, Seiko watches were invited to serve as the official timer to the Tokyo Olympic games held in Japan. This was repeated again in 1972 at the Sapporo Winter Olympic Games, which were also held in Japan. Seiko also served at several as official timer at several World Cup Soccer Championships such as Argentina, Spain, Italy, and Mexico, as well as at the 1992 Barcelona Olympic Games.

Seiko watches were introduced in America in 1970, and were encountered with huge success, due to which they soon expanded around the world. Seiko watches also created a few firsts in their history, and a few of those are: the first LCD quartz watch with six digit digital display, the first quartz alarm display, the first multi functional digital watch, the first TV watch, first watch with sound recording capabilities, the first talking clock and the first automatic power generating quartz watch.

Why Choose a Seiko Watch?

It is simple really, because Seiko’s history speaks for itself. You want to choose a Seiko watch because it is reliable. It is trusted around the world at events that count precision in order to measure victory such as the Olympic games. They are also reasonably priced.

Seiko watches come in many different styles and designs. Their designs can also be specific to a sport or occupation such as scuba diving watches, which makes it easy to choose the one right for you.

The One of a Kind Nixon Watch

Civilizations have always had a fascination with time. This measurement of time has been captured through the use of many devices. The beginnings of mankind’s attempts to measure time began with the sundial, moving to hour glasses and leading up to clocks powered by springs. As the time pieces evolved, so did the way that they were powered. Those various ways included battery powered, kinetic and radio controlled watches.

Eventually, time pieces took on different forms and were equipped with different accessories. Some of those accessories were the cuckoo clock and an alarm clock. At the turn of the 20th century the first wrist watches appeared, and today those wrist watches have not only become very practical and stylish, but some are multi-functional. One such brand of wrist watch that combines uniqueness, style and flair is the Nixon watch.


The uniqueness of the Nixon watch is not only in their eye catching designs and styles of their product, but even in their marketing motto. The company, since their inception, has focused on those individuals who give 100% whether they are playing, or are working.

The Nixon watch company’s commitment is to produce a quality product that is not only made from the finest of materials. It should also capture the uniqueness of the individual who purchases their wrist watch.

In fact, their commitment to their customers is that the Nixon watch, which is worn on the wrist, will be as unique as the wearer of the watch wants it to be. In addition, the watch becomes more than a time piece, but will be the topic of conversation whenever the watch is worn.

Styles of Nixon Watch Bands and Faces

Nixon watches are also known for their watch bands. These watch bands range from a customized strap that is made from polyurethane and is custom-injected to a stylish band that is metallic in nature to a customized hand sewn leather band.

The faces of the Nixon watch are as equally unique. The vibrant colors of the face of the watch are not traditional. These colors range from red to blue to grey to white and green. In addition, there are the traditional analog time pieces as well as wrist watches that are digital.


Those that purchase a Nixon watch are generally as unique as the timepiece itself. Some of those customers include individuals who represent cutting edge sports. Those radical sports include skateboarders, surfers, those that snowboard and rock and roll stars. Thus, there is a watch for every kind of person.

Tips on Buying the Perfect Men’s Watch

A man’s most important piece of jewelry is his watch. While some men will wear a ring, bracelet and earrings, all will wear a watch. It is with little surprise that most watch collectors are men, and therefore it is not always easy to buy a watch for one.

The Better You Know the Man the Easier Your Choice Will be

There are many factors involved when choosing a men’s watch such as his personality, which will tell you the type of watch he will prefer: classic, sporty, or modern. You can try to find out about his likes and dislikes with regard to watches, starting with the watch he is wearing at present.

His age will play a big part as well, for usually younger men don’t prefer antique watches. Your man friend could be the exception to the rule, and you need to find that out. If he is a collector, you will have a hard task on your hands.

If you want to buy the perfect men’s watch for him, you also need to know what he has in his collection, which therefore requires more intensive research. Last but not least, a deciding factor will be the amount you are willing to spend on the men’s watch, and with this you can go to the next step.

How to Repair Your Mistake

If you purchased a men’s watch and it turns out that your friend already has a similar one, he just doesn’t like it, or just wants a different color dial, you can repair the mistake by purchasing from a store that accepts returns and exchanges. In fact, the right way to do this is to ensure that they do by letting the seller know that there is a possibility you may want to exchange or refund the men’s watch if your friend does not care for it.

Another great way to make up for your lack of experience in buying a men’s watch and still not making a mistake, is to present your friend with a gift card from a men’s watch store. There, he can choose a watch of his choice and really love the gift.


Sometimes, in the case of some men, a watch is their only piece of jewelry. Thus, at times they will tend to be a little more picky when it comes to acquiring one, which is understandable under the circumstances. A watch is a very personal possession, as it accompanies us everywhere we go

The Invincible Invicta Watch

Invicta means “invincible” in Latin, and that is what the Invicta watches have proved to be since they were first handcrafted in 1837 by the founder of the company, Raphael Picard from Switzerland. We all are well aware that the Swiss movement is one of the best in the world, and that most quality brand watches will ensure they adopt it in order to create timepieces, and not just time-informing devices.

Invicta Watches Today

Invicta watches today are known worldwide because of their bold models that have covered almost every field. These include diving watches, flying pilot watches, as well as sea masters to help guide sailors and sea lovers. Invicta watches are reasonably priced, yet offer the highest standards and performance at all times.

While known for their reasonable prices and incredible quality, Invicta has created jewelry pieces as well. They designed the 37-carat Pave Lupah, which has 4,600 full-cut diamonds. The Gold Dragon Lupah Automatic is made of solid 18K gold, and would leave any jeweler speechless.

If you are a collector, there is something for you too here at the Invicta watch series collection. The Vintage 1948 Collection and Object d’Art watches are worth enough to be placed in a show cases, never to be worn, but displayed for everyone to admire. They are classic and elegant, but with a fleur of the future.

Where to ShopfFor Your Invicta Watch

In order to ensure you are purchasing a genuine Invicta watch, always try and locate an authorized dealer from whom you can obtain a certificate of origin for your watch, as well as the company’s warranty. You can also shop online for Invicta watches, but again ensure that you are on their official site to ensure you are not purchasing a fake.

Helpful Tips

If you have brought a collect’s Invicta watch, insure your watch as soon as possible to be covered in case of any accidents, thefts, or breakage. Also, it is important you service your watch periodically or as indicated, if it is a collector’s piece or not, in order to ensure that your watch will run well for the longest period of time.

Invicta watches has something for everyone, no matter of your age or occupation. Whether you are dressing up or having a day at the gym, you will find what you are looking for in the collection of Invicta.

A Diamond Watch: Giving Something Precious This Christmas

Choosing the right kind of gifts for the holiday season could be a bit challenging, especially if you are trying to find a gift for someone who is very special. You simply cannot just give an ordinary present to a very special person, so you end up wracking your brains for some gift ideas that could really thrill the person whom you will give your gift to.

One of the best gift ideas when it comes to people with impeccable taste is a diamond watch. Anybody can appreciate a diamond watch, even if the person is already very rich and could afford to buy anything that his or heart desires.

The good thing about giving a diamond watch to somebody who is very special is that the person will really know how much he or she means to you. Diamonds are so precious that anybody who receives them will definitely know that he or she very previous to the person who is giving him or her the gift.

Choosing the Right Diamond Watch

Choosing the right diamond watch could be challenging, especially if the person whom you will give it to has very discriminating taste. If you are not sure which diamond watch is suitable for that person, it would be a good idea to observe the designs of the jewelry that he or she wears everyday and on special occasions.

Let his or her taste of fashion guide you in making your choices. If you observe that he or she likes a minimalist style, then you get him or her a diamond watch that is simple, yet very elegant.

Buying a Diamond Watch for the Woman You Love

If you are buying a diamond watch for a woman you love, you might want to take a look at those beautiful diamond watches in lustrous steel and polished gold bracelets. These give the overall appearance of beauty and elegance. Diamond stones are usually used as hour markers in these lovely designs, making the watch bracelet look exceptionally lovely on the wrist of a woman.

There are a number of brands that carry these graceful and elegant designs. However, each watch brand usually adds a few twists here and there on this design, but the overall impact is always amazing. No wonder women always feel so special when somebody gives them a diamond watch like this.

The Croton Watch: An American Beauty

As the United States of America was slowly getting to her feet, so was the Croton Watch Company. Founded in 1871, and still sticking to its home-grown roots in present day New Jersey, the family-owned business set out to create a beautiful product and a new set of standards in watch making. Excellent quality, fine precision, exceptional style, and value are all traits that the Croton Watch Company has been aspiring to since its inception.

From the simple quartz movement pieces to the more sophisticated chronograph works of art, Croton still offers a variety of products with unbelievable service and craftsmanship. You do not have to shell out several hundred dollars to own a quality Croton watch. These beauties are available in many different price brackets.

You Can Take This Watch Anywhere

Among the many reasons to choose a Croton watch, you can find something for every occasion and for every person. Need something ultra shiny and fancy? From the Gala Collection comes a watch to put a few stars in your eyes: 48 diamonds, 14-carat gold, mother of pearl dial, and Swiss movement.

For men, shift your eyes away from the glare and over to the Elite Collection. An impressive 18-carat solid gold timepiece and diamond markers will impress even the stuffiest suit at the business dinner. For a completely dazzling look, 200 tiny diamonds cover the face of this illustrious Croton watch from the Gala Collection. An add bonus is that it is water-resistant up to depths of 100 feet. That is good news if you own a swimming pool.

Men will also love the more subtle and classic designs in the Tropics Collection. Perhaps you are not so Ava Gabor, and more of a Debbie Reynolds or Lara Croft. Something from the Olympic Collection for you is then a good choice. To satisfy the Debbie in you, and also keep Ava sublimely content, Croton’s Vogue Collection is understated beauty in watch form.

In case you need someplace special to keep your Croton watch, collector boxes are available. A unique gift item is the watch winder. Since automatic movements are continually energized by the movements of the wrist, your watch can slow down while laying unworn on the dresser or night stand. The watch winder keeps the watch ready for you to slip on when you are ready.
Beauty, quality, and value: that is what a Croton watch is.

A Timepiece for Professionals: The Breitling Watch

Watches have long become an important part of our daily routine because we have to be on time at work, send the kids to school, make it to a doctor’s appointment, or make an important call at an exact hour. Whatever your profession is, a watch to monitor the time is important.

Some live of professionals depend on a watch. For example, in diving if your watch miscalculates and you run out of oxygen, you can easily die. There are many other professions that depend heavily on watch precision, and one of them is flying, for which most of the Breitling watches were dedicated.

A Brief History of Breitling Watches

It was in 1884 St-Imeir, Switzerland, that Leon Breitling opened his first store. There, he specialized in chronographs for the usage of professionals and scientists. The company grew and he took the headquarters to Paris. He also got his son Gaston involved in the business. Gaston took over the company after his father’s death in 1914.

In 1923, the first Breitling watch with an independent chronograph push piece was introduced on the market. In 1942 the company boasted of clientele such as the American Armed Forces, and also introduced another first in the industry: the Chronomat Breitling watch, which was the first chronograph that displayed with a circular side rule.

In 1962, the astronaut Scott Carpenter wore the ‘Cosmonaute’ Breitling watch on his wrist during his journey aboard the space shuttle Aurora 7. In 1979, Earnest Schneider bought the Breitling watch company after it being a family company for three generations.

Breitling continued to make amazing timepieces. The Chronomat made a comeback in 1984, and had unique features such as the rider tabs bezel, which was developed with the cooperation of the Frecce Tricolori, and made this series the best selling model.

Breitling Watches Today

Still a leader in the industry, Breitling watches continue to surprise the industry with new inventions that are designed for professionals in the aviation department. Watch collectors from all over the world make Breitling early models as well as new models a must-have in their collections.

A Breitling watch is an investment that will be passed on as heirloom, and not just as a watch that you will benefit from for a limited amount of time. They are made with care and professionalism, so you and those that trust the Breitling name can rely on its functions and accuracy at all times.

Styles of Watch Band Connecting Pins

Watch bands are those devices that attach to the wrist watch and secure the watch itself firmly to the wrist. A watch band can be made of various materials. These materials can include leather, metal, or a strong and durable cloth-like fabric.

A leather or durable fabric watch band is composed of two pieces with each of the bands being connected to the wristwatch via a pin. The other end of the leather watch band contains a buckle like feature that allows for the other end of the strap to be inserted and latched together by placing the pin into the pre-set hole.

A metallic-like watchband is generally comprised of linked units that move independently of each other. This separate movement allows for a more firm, but comfortable fit when the wrist is moved. The metallic watchband is also attached to the wrist watch through a metallic pin. These two pins hold each end of the watch band firmly to the wrist watch.

There are three separate ways that the attaching pin, that holds the watchband to the wrist watch, can be structured. Those three separate types of pins include the regular release, lever, and screw type.

The Regular Release

The regular release type pin that secures the watch band to the wristwatch is long enough to be inserted through the looped ends of the band. Each of the ends of the pins are designed to be inserted into the prefabricated holes that are part of the top and bottom portion of the casing of the wristwatch. Often the retracting of the pin can be accomplished by using a small jeweler’s screwdriver or other such apparatus.

The pin itself is hollow and inside a spring is inserted. When one end of the pin is pushed upon it retracts. This process then allows one end of the pin to be inserted into the prefabricated hole and the other hand of the pin retracted and moved into place near the opposite hole.

When over the hole the tension on the retracted side is released and this allows for the pin to be inserted into the opening. This process is then repeated to affix the other portion of the watch band to the other part of the casing. It is important to remember that the pin is spring loaded. Therefore, if the person inserting the pin is not careful, the pin can be forcefully launched.

The Lever

The second style of pin utilizes a lever system. This lever pin is located in the looped area of the watch band and is similar in operation as the regular release pin. However, this type of pin, rather than using a jeweler’s screwdriver or other such apparatus, has a lever mechanism.

Simply locate the lever and move the lever inwards towards the opposite end. This will retract the tension of the pin and allow for the easy removal of the end of the pin from the prefabricated hole.

As with the regular release pin, it is important to control the removing of the end of the pin from the casing. This type of pin is still under tension and if released, in an uncontrolled manner, the pin may be lost.

The Screw

The final type of pin that is available to secure the watch band to the watch casing is a screw type pin. This type of pin is not of the spring release variety, but is simply a small metal rod that is inserted in one end and fastened securely to the other end of the casing by using a small screw. Thus, the structure of a watch band may seem simple, but it is actually rather complicated in order to provide you with maximum comfort.

Swiss Watches: The Bold and the Beautiful

The Swiss are as famous for their watches as the Italians are for fashion houses, or the French are for art and decadence. Art is just what these timepieces are. Regardless of the brand, each Swiss watch is still masterpiece in its own right. Crafted with such precision and detail, they stay one step ahead of the competition by making perfection the standard to which the Swiss watch companies aspire. When your lowest bar is still shoulders above everyone else’s highest, you are always going to be on top. The Swiss have established a reputation for themselves as consistently being the leaders of the pack.

The watch and clock empire began less majestic than what it is today in geneva in the sixteenth century. At the time Calvinist were condemning the wearing of jewels. Faced with losing their businesses and livelihoods, jewelers and goldsmiths shifted their skills towards watches. The twentieth century saw a mass production of watches like never before. Watchmakers Frederic Ingold and Georges Lechot are credited as generals in charge of the revolution that changed how the Swiss watch was put together and functioned. Both production and profits soared.

The Who’s Who List

All that talk about fine workmanship and high standards aside, are one of these Swiss watches going to be the cat’s meow on your lovely wrist or not? A very emphatic yes. Not only are they “like butter” inside, your Swiss watch is just as gorgeous on the outside. It is only natural that the makers of the finest watches in the world would be behind some of the finest, and most well known brands in the world: Swiss Army, Movado, Rolex, Zenith, Tissot, Beluga, Swatch, Wenger, Omega, and Piaget.

You are obviously going to pay more than you would the $20.00 wonders you find in shopping mall novelty stores. What you get in return is a beautiful watch, and assurance that you have invested in something that will not break down in a few months. If something does happen, you are covered with a warranty. It is also about buying from the best. If you want an incredibly amazing suit or classy dress, your list would include Armani, Dolce & Gabbana, or Versace. This is because they are the best of the best in fashion. You should follow that same principle when shopping for a watch, because you deserve the very finest.

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