The Gucci Watch: The Elizabeth Taylor of the Watch World

Gucci has been the fashion house extraordinaire since opening their illustrious doors in 1921. Style is in the very air of every boutique. Celebrities of every genre and the just plain privileged have flocked to this sexy label for years. From the fabulous frocks, to the bags, to the uber-stylish Gucci watch collection, you can look like a million bucks.

Gucci accessories, including the first evolution of the Gucci watch, hit the market in 1923, beginning with their now legendary leather luggage and purses. Founder Guccio Gucci became inspired while working in a four star hotel in London, mesmerized by the elegant luggage he saw wealthy guests arrive with. He was determined to return to his home and create something just as beautiful. That he did, to the appreciation of future Gucci lovers worldwide.

By 1950, New York had received their own Gucci watch and bag boutique with open arms. Such stores already existed, and were thriving in Milan and Rome. By combining the classical elegance associated with Italy and the unmatched craftsmanship of Swiss watch making, Guccio Gucci had a product that was simply breathtaking.

A Watch! A Watch! My Kingdom for a Watch!

You want beauty, you want quality, and you want a name that makes people shiver like those hyenas in The Lion King. You want a watch by Gucci. Ladies will fall in love with every watch in the 102G and Horsebit collections. The delicate features make each of these Gucci watches very pleasing to the eye, on and off the wrist.

You can choose from a variety of band styles and materials. The dials are made with sapphire crystal, and some are even adorned with diamonds. For the businessman, or hoping to be one someday who needs to put their best wrist forward, clients, employers, and friends will certainly take a shine to any watch from the 101G and 7505 collections.

These handsome timepieces also make perfect gifts for Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, you name it. Who could resist the feel of a pristine Gucci watch on their arm? The price tag may seem a little on the steeper side, but the product you are getting is more than worth it. This is among the world’s oldest and finest accessory brands. It is almost like owning a piece of history, a piece of fashion history from the house that is Gucci.

The Tissot Watch Really Gets Around

As is the case with many of the finer timepieces in the world, the Tissot watch was birthed in beautiful Switzerland. Founded in 1853, this is one watch company with more the a few firsts. Tissot is very distinctive as being the first to use plastic, wood, and stone to create their works of art.

First released to the public in 1985, The “Rock watch” is made from millennia old Swiss granite. No two watches are the same; the buyer is truly getting a one-of-a-kind treasure. Tissot watch faces of coral, bassalt, mother of pearl, and shell rock later surfaced. They were also pioneers with having the first magnetic watch in 1930.

One of the newest ways of innovation for the Tissot watch is the “T-touch” technology. These simply amazing watches hold a compass, a barometer, an altimeter, a thermometer, and even internet access. You do everything with just a touch of your finger. Remember those lamps that came on, changed brightness and shut off simply by touching the base? That was T-touch, and Tissot found a way to put it on the face of a watch.

The Hullabaloo About Tissot Watches

A proud member of the Swatch group since 1985, Tissot strives to imbue their products with the same qualities on which the company was originally founded. Great performance, precision, and ambition are also traits found in the best athletes. So it seems only natural that Tissot would be associated with the sports and adventure world. In 2003, they became the official timekeepers for NASCAR, replacing TAG Heuer.

They are also the official timekeepers for Grand Prix motorcycle racing. Cycling, ice hockey, and fencing have all called upon Tissot for the same reason. English soccer legend-in-the-making Michael Owen is a spokesperson for the company. Hollywood is as much a fan of the Tissot watch as professional sports. Angelina Jolie sported their timepieces in two of her blockbusters, “Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life” and “Mr. and Mrs. Smith.”

Another way Tissot has set itself apart is their parts and repair service that is offered for an astounding ten years on all watches. Whether you are a NASCAR enthusiast waiting to get your grubs on one of Tissot’s official watches for the sport, looking for a stylish chronograph, or just want a nice watch, you can find what you need and get an exceptional value from a century old company trusted by more than 150 countries.

The Practical Use of a Night Watch

There are many wristwatches that are available on the market today. Some of these wristwatches are just your standard and typical wristwatches that help you to know the time. However, there are other types of wrist watches that are equipped with other useful functions. Some of those functions include a calculator, date, pedometer, stopwatch, etc. In addition to these multifunctional watches, some watches are equipped with hands that are luminescent or equipped with a backlight that allow you to tell the time even when it is dark. This watch is called a night watch and is helpful for many professionals who need to perform their jobs in the darkness of night. Some of these professions include policeman, security personnel, and pilots.

The Benefits

Nighttime is not only a restful part of the day, but that particular part of the day when those who have evil intents are at work. Under the cover of darkness thieves and other unsavory characters plan and carry out their deeds which generally end up hurting honest people. Those professions, who help to protect our hard work from others, are security personnel and law enforcement officers. Often these professionals are also performing their duties during the hours of darkness.

To help them with their security and enforcement duties, the security personnel need to take full advantage of various types of technology that are available. Part of the job that needs to be performed by security personnel is the logging of times when checking perimeters and keeping track of events that happen during the course of the night. To help them maintain an accurate timetable, a night watch is a must. Through the use of the wristwatch that has illuminated hands or a backlight, the accuracy of recording times associated with criminal activity can be recorded. These accurate time logs are essential when prosecuting accused criminals in a court of law.

In addition, the use of a night watch helps to keep the security personnel safe from harm. If the law enforcement officer is conducting surveillance of suspicious activity, it would be counterproductive to turn on a dome light or other portable light unit that would alert the individual being watched. By simply looking at the illuminated dial, timepiece hands or activating the backlight, the time can be established and recorded with out alerting those individuals whose activities were being watched.


Another profession that benefits from a night watch and helps to keep those that they serve safe from harm is a pilot. There are many night watches that are available on the market for those who serve in this critical profession. Some features that are built in to a pilot’s night watch are a slide rule function that helps with navigation calculations as well as helping to calculate anticipated time for arrival by calculating the speed of the aircraft, the distance traveled and the consumption of aviation jet fuel.

In addition, because airline pilots travel to diverse countries, a good night watch may contain functions within the watch that help the traveling pilot convert various currency rates based on their own country’s currency. Of course, being a night watch the hands of the watch piece are luminescent and allow for the easy reading of time when operating the aircraft from a dark cockpit. Indeed, no matter the profession, night watches are quite useful.